Ryan Raber is a self described hedonist, always thinking about his next meal. He was born and raised in Washington State with a family history rich in the culinary arts. Logically with great food on the table you will find a few choice bottles of wine. Ryan’s first experience with wine was in his early teens, making wine at home with his family. Later as his interest in wine grew he decided to pursue a career path that would eventually lead him to become the winemaker for Tertulia Cellars.

In the spring of 2005, Ryan graduated with a degree in Enology and Viticulture. Following graduation, he accepted the position as winemaker with Tertulia Cellars. After a brief absence Ryan has returned to Tertulia with the same passion and dedication to making world class wines.

Ryan’s winemaking philosophy is to treat wine as art. “It is an intuitive process from the vine to the bottle each step determines the next. Science and winemaking technology are great tools but nothing can replace experience and your palate. The best wines have a sense of place or exhibit terrior. Terrior is the summation of the geology, geography, climate, and to a large extent the culture of the people who work the land and influence the wines.”

Ryan lives in Walla Walla with his family. He couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. He loves the slow pace of life that wine country has to offer. Ryan especially enjoys well planned meals and a choice bottle of wine or two shared with family and friends.