Grape to Glass, The Folks at Tertulia

Wine Making


Ryan Raber, Head Winemaker

Ryan’s winemaking philosophy is to treat wine as art. “It is an intuitive process from the vine to the bottle each step determines the next. Science and winemaking technology are great tools but nothing can replace experience and your palate. The best wines have a sense of place or exhibit terroir. Terroir is the summation of the geology, geography, climate, and to a large extent the culture of the people who work the land and influence the wines.”


Thomas Thompson, Assistant Winemaker

Thomas is the man behind the scenes at Tertulia Cellars. While he's not often seen by winery visitors, Thomas is an essential talent, helping to make Ryan's visions a reality with blood, sweat, and tears. (All metaphorical fluids carefully kept out of the actual wine, of course.) Thomas works hard and puts all of his love into his work for Tertulia Cellars.


Ryan Driver, Vineyard Manager

Ryan Driver has lived the majority of his life in the Walla Walla Valley. Born in Iowa, Ryan moved with his family to Walla Walla at the age of two. He has always had a love for the outdoors and has worked with the land from a very young age. This passion came from his grandfather whose farm in Iowa has been in the family for over 100 years. Ryan started working for Klicker Strawberry farms at age 12. Over the next twelve years he dedicated his time to learning many aspects of the operation - from picking and delivering, to maintaining and operating equipment.



Kristine Bono, Direct to Consumer Manager