Its official; Michelle has gone nuts.  Not yet Thanksgiving and its nonstop Christmas music here in our tasting room.  I refuse to listen until the day after Thanksgiving at the very least. One holiday at a time is my rule.  Instead I will talk about what I am thankful for.

First of all I am thankful that harvest is finally over.  Don’t get me wrong I love harvest, it’s just I am a little worn out.  I am ready for my hands to turn back to their original flesh color rather than the stained purple.  Second, I am thankful for the massive amounts of tryptophan I am about to consume.  There are many chefs in my family and this year I get to be my mother’s sous chef helping prepare the world’s best turkey dinner.  The real trick is in the gravy which I judiciously pour over everything on my plate.  Next I am thankful for spending time with my family and friends.  I am bringing over quite a bit of liquid libations from Tertulia for our own social gatherings.  Finally, I will leave you with my suggestions for Thanksgiving dinner.  Our Viognier and Rose make wonderful pairings with turkey and all the fixings.  If you want to go for a red I would suggest our 2009 Grenache Syrah. Its fruitiness and spice should be a good pairing with the smorgasbord of flavors on your plate.

Have a happy Thanksgiving.



Ryan Raber

Tertulia Cellars