My Hands are tired and sore from tightening clams. Dried from their continual contact with wine a purple stain has appeared.  You can trace every dermal ridge and my finger nails have are beginning to see the same purple stains.  Myself and the rag tag crew here are Tertulia wear our purple hands as a badge of honor.  We follow the tradition of making fine wine that our ancestors have passed down through the ages. 

On our first day of harvest I tried to explain to them what we were attempting each vintage.  That is to make something that enriches people’s lives.  Every bottle is a shot at immortality, to create something that will be remembered beyond us. 

Harvest is whining down now.  It is too early to say much about the 2011 vintage.  I will say this many of the wines make me smile and do a little jig.


Ryan Raber

Tertulia Cellars