I just got back from the bar at White House Crawford. I wanted to thank them for putting our Cabernet on a glass pour. The 2006 Cab is one of the best wines I have made and it is unfined and unfiltered to boot! Moreover I was there for a drink. It had been one of those days and I needed something to fortify my soul.

The day started with Michelle and my desperate struggle to find someone to fill in next weekend in the tasting room while we are at Taste Washington Seattle. We go through our phone list discarding people for various reasons.  What about so and so I say to Michelle? No I don’t think he would work, he is a little irresponsible she replies. Like what type of irresponsible I ask? Like shooting heroin up in our bathroom or personally stocking his cellar with our wines? No, no, no he is just a little lazy and has a hard time keeping a job. Well how about Mrs. Blank? She moved away. Rats I say. How about Trista she used to work here. Nope she is at the same event we are pouring at.  Damn, well that exhausts my list how about you Michelle. Me too. Finally we found out that Karen who worked here last summer had an open weekend to help out, which worked out perfect. Next Michelle had to run off for a few minutes.  Turns out her dog Lizzy chewed a lab sized hole in the fence at her new home. Bad dog Lizzy, we will chop you up and feed you to our friends! To bring more joy to our fine day Michelle filled me in on some sad news. One of our friends has a terminal illness. No one wants to hear their friend has an expiration date.

Fast forward to Whitehouse Crawford, all the tension and anxiety melt away as the first sip of wine slides down my throat. I smile the 06 Cab Sauv is still holding up. I refuse to analyze it anymore. I do that too often. I simply enjoyed it and all is made well in my world again.