I was happy to see so many people enjoying themselves at Taste Washington in Seattle this past weekend. I am impressed by how many people are knowledgeable about our wines. For those who are not I thought I would explain what makes Washington wines unique.

 Contrary to many who believe Washington tastes damp and musty it is quite the opposite. Please forgive me about the damp and musty comment if you are from the West side of Washington, or as I like to call it the “wet side”.  Many of you already know about the complex geographical and climate make up of the Evergreen state but, not all of you do so I will elaborate.  The area nearly everyone outside of the Northwest associates with is the West side, which only makes about 1/3rd of Washington.  This side of the state is green and lush perfect for raising a family of Sasquatch. The East side of Washington lies in a rain shadow past the Cascade Mountains; here it is dry and sunny for much of the year. This is an ideal place for raising a family of vitis vinifera (wine grapes). Eastern Washington is classified as a high desert. It gets quite warm during the summer and there is an extreme shift in the day to night time highs and lows.  This climate allows for the perfect ripening of grapes while retaining Washington’s signature acidity. 

New world fruit, old world tannins and acids is how best to describe Washington wines. The next time one of you encounters an outsider please be gentle and explain how Washington makes such wonderful wines. I trust you will all make great ambassadors!

Next year if you haven’t yet had the chance come to Taste Washington where you will find over 225 wineries and 70 restaurants from the tastiest state, where yours truly grew up, Washington!!!

In other news we have some exciting new wines being released and some end of vintage sales you won’t want to miss out on. This weekend April 5th-6th in Walla Walla and Dundee we will be pouring the 2012 Reserve GSM (Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre) Riviere Galets Estate Vineyard and our 2012 Reserve Estate Syrah. We only produce a limited amount of these wines and are limiting the wine club that they are associated with to 100 members.  We will also be pouring some of our end of vintage wines. These wines listed below are all 30% off with free shipping. Note we can only ship to states that allow us to ship our wines.


Ryan Raber


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