Last year we did really well in regards to having our wines noticed. We had 11 wines score between 90 points and 95 points. This year we are already off to a great start. Recently we received two gold medals at the San Francisco Chronicle tasting. One for our 2015 Tierra Labrada Merlot the other for our 2014 Carménère. Speaking of the Carménère we got another gold and 92 points on it the other day. I love it when we get good scores! It validates what we are trying to accomplish with our wines here at Tertulia. Still, I remember I was asked once who’s scores I most covet. I stopped and thought for a minute. The truth is I appreciate our customer’s opinions the most. After all, you have made the trouble of coming into the winery and enjoyed the experience of tasting with us. You are our Tertulia, our circle of friends. After all, we make these wines for you! You keep us working hard to make the best wines. We are truly happy when our wines leave with you to find a happy home.

Now I am not sure why I thought of this particular memory but it’s a good one to end on. Once we had a lovely couple in the winery. They had named their daughter after a famous wine. It got me thinking how many children might be the result of our wines, and where are all the children named Carménère?