You may recall the staff here at the winery decided to bail on April Fool’s day. They chalked it up to something about it being Easter. I didn’t buy it so I declared it April Fool’s month.

The best prank was the chocolate covered brussels sprouts, which I saw featured on one of the late night talk shows. I dressed the brussels sprouts up as chocolate covered cake pops with some white chocolate drizzled on as well. The tricky part was to get someone to take food from me so close to April Fool’s day. I told Kristine that my daughter, Sofia made them as thanks for her since Kristine is always giving her sweets. Kristine couldn’t pass it up and popped the whole thing in her mouth. She was a real trooper. She refused to tell me how awful my daughter’s baking was for about ten seconds. Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore and with her mouthful and a distressed look in her eyes, she asked what the heck is in this. Oh yeah, I replied I forgot to mention that we ran out of cake so we had to use brussels sprouts. Next to fall was Lacey then Kelsey.  Word quickly spread not to eat any food offered to you by Ryan.

Let me know if you like the idea and I am happy to provide you with the recipe.

Cheers, Ryan Raber