Today as I opened my front door and walked down the steps towards my car a passerby looked in my direction. He covered his eyes from the blinding glare coming off my bare legs. Today marks the start of shorts season! Not just shorts season but the season for many things. The buds are out on the vines and developing tinny leaves. If you hold still long enough you can almost see them growing. Not just our vines that spring out this time of year but also fresh asparagus, salad green, and spring onions! I love nothing more than walking down to the farmer’s market on Main Street a few blocks from my house. I stock up my pantry until the next week with as much produce as it will hold. The drive-in theater will also be open. This is an Americana tradition we love to share with our daughter. We are lucky to have one of the few remaining drive-ins left in the nation so close. There will be many sunny days filled with petanque, wine, BBQ, friends and laughter now that the sun is out. The best part is that my legs will develop a healthy shade so as not to blind any poor victims! God, I love the spring!!!