Moms, they are the best, right? They bake you cookies, they bandage up your ouchies and making everything all better, and they slip you your first sip of wine. At least that is what the good mothers like mine did. I proudly admit I am a momma’s boy. 

I remember in high school my mom Cathy, worked four tens at a hospital on the night shift as a phlebotomist (vampire). It was hard work but she got paid a little extra and was able to spend more time with her family. Fridays were her first day off. She would get up shortly after my sister and I got home from school. The first thing she would do was make up a little vegetable tray with some blue cheese dressing for dipping and have a bottle of Riesling out. Then we would turn on the TV and watch Star Trek the original series. My mom grew up with a little crush on William Shatner. Come to think of it my father has some Shatneresque bravado, but I digress. Anyway, we would watch TV and she would let me take little sips of her Riesling. That was my introduction to wine. Now I have the opportunity to return the favor. I am always bringing over a few choice bottles to share with her.

This Mother’s day please raise a glass to your mother where ever she may be and if possible share a nice bottle with her. After all, she raised you to have impeccable taste, considering you are drinking Tertulia!