There is nothing more American than the Hamburger. It originated around 1850 on ships traveling from Europe to America on the Hamburg shipping lines. Ground beef patties were quickly grilled and served up on a bun.

Recently I have made a study of burgers. I have tried various interpretations. I have used lamb, lean ground beef, chicken which is not a burger but a sandwich, turkey burgers, and by the way turkey burgers or tofu burgers are a sin against god. The best burgers I have had were made with American Waygu Beef. There is a lot of fat in this ground beef. They don’t even bother telling you the percentage of fat; instead they show a picture of a man clutching his chest! That is how you know it’s good!


Serves: 5


2 – 16 oz packages of American Waygu Ground Beef

Salt and pepper

5 - Buns


Fry Sauce – For spread on burger

                ¾ Cup of Mayo

                1 Tablespoon Dijon Mustard

                1 Tablespoon Catsup

                1 Tablespoon Relish

                1 Small Shallot Diced

                Ground pepper to taste

1 – Large Onion Sliced

1 – Large Tomato Sliced

Lettuce Leaves


Cheese, Bacon, Guacamole

Directions: I am going to tell you simply how to make these burgers.

Take the ground beef and separate into 5 equal balls. Gently form the beef into the patty. Don’t over work the beef! Next with your thumb make a small indent in the middle of the burger. This will keep it from bulging up in the middle. Sprinkle a little salt and pepper on both sides of the patty and refrigerate while heating up your grill. I am not going to tell you how to grill. I could argue all the merits of charcoal over gas but I won’t. I will tell you to resist constantly flipping the burger. Also do not under any conditions press down on the burger, which pushes all the juices out of the meat!  To get the burger medium rare, which is how you should eat this burger use the hand test as illustrated below. Oh by the way eating raw or undercooked food can cause food borne illness. There I said it. Now let’s get grilling!