I am going to be “Bach”-ing it for a while. My wife and daughter are on their way to visit family in Brazil. I will be joining them in a few weeks but till then I will be left to my own devices. Speaking of devices I got a new one for father’s day this year. It is a meat grinder and I plan on putting it to good use, which coincidently ties in nicely with this month’s theme. The folks upstairs have asked me to write about the art of picnics. I decided what they really want is for me to make Pate de Campagne (country pate) using my new grinder. To me, this fancy cold meatloaf is a work of art, an amazing masterpiece, and it just happens it is perfect for a picnic. All you need to go with the pate is a baguette, Dijon mustard, and some little cornichons on the side. Oh, don’t forget the bottle of wine a picnic basket and blanket! The best recipe I have found is from Chef John at Unfortunately, my girls have abandoned me so no picnics in my near future. Instead, I will share it with my Francophile friends in the Petanque Club. Oh look the recipe says it needs Cognac. Guess I am off to the liquor store!

Ryan Raber
Tertulia Cellars