Please don’t take offense if it sounds like I am picking on you but you must be crazy if you don’t like white and rosé wines. I would hear customers say all the time “I only drink reds” when I was helping out in the tasting room. Most people would try to sound a little snooty when they would say it like they are some Hollywood starlet. I would totally get it if I was offering them something gross like Bud Light Lime or flavored vodka. Anyway, like most people I love white and rosé wines. 

The thing is every wine has its time and place. When it is chilly outside and you crave a hearty meal, go with that big bold red. Take today for instance. It is 110 degrees outside, the hottest day of the year. A well chilled white or rosé should hit the spot.  If you happen to have a bottle of our rosé I would suggest a nice caprice salad to go with it. If you don’t have some of our rosé I am truly sorry but the ladies upstairs tell me by the time this message reaches you we will be all out. Don’t forget next year to order early and often! If you have our Marsanne or Viognier I suggest some surf. I love these wines with fish especially shrimp or mussels/clams. 
Remember my friends when it is this hot outside stay hydrated with a little bit of Tertulia rosé and white wine. Please note Ryan Raber is not a medical doctor and you shouldn’t take medical advice from him, but really these wines are pretty awesome!

Ryan Raber