I Am Ridden With Guilt

                I feel terrible. In the past I have played a few innocent pranks on my co-workers. Each year I am expected to continue on my April Fool's Day tradition. Everyone around here is on edge. What will Ryan do to me, they think. I feel nauseated because I have to go to more extremes each year. This year I feel guilty because now it is just mean spirited. I must say it is not my fault. Certain co-workers want my antics to be shared on social media, so my hands are tied and in a way I am the real victim here. I am sorry Kristine but you made me do this!

Right now at this very moment there is a flyer with a photo of Kristine, or Madam Bonowski as I have dubbed her, sitting on the bulletin board at one of our local grocery stores. I can go into more detail but I suppose an image of the flyer says it all.

I am a pretty good sport when it comes to receiving pranks. Kristine is having a difficult time figuring out how to get even with me, so if you can shoot her your best idea for a little revenge I am sure she would appreciate your help!

In the event that I disappear and am never heard from again, Kristine did it!

Kristine, let me be the first to congratulate you on your newest endeavor as the psychic to the stars!

A very happy April Fool's Day to you all!


Ryan Raber

Prankster and Winemaker

Tertulia Cellars