Father’s Day at my house is part of a many day celebration.  Both my wife and daughter were born around the same time. Sofia was sort of a birthday gift for my wife and a Father’s Day gift for me. It made me think about how special Sofia is to us and I realized my father must feel the same about me. And I, of course, got all emotional thinking about how special he is to me.


My Dad was always there for every sporting event. He even helped coach little league football. When I topped out at 5’6” and didn’t play football anymore my dad helped coach me in track and cross country. Looking back, he couldn’t have known much about those sports but I remember him reading up and watching videos in order to help me. He took me to art classes and attended every high school play. Dad is and was always there for me.


Through sports my father helped me develop a healthy competitive drive. We always had a ping pong table around growing up and dad had a wicked left hand serve that took me forever to learn how to return. Eventually I could, and became the family champion. He celebrated my victories even more than he did his own, thus teaching me good sportsmanship. I know I learned my drive to be the best I can be at whatever I do, including making wine, from my father.


I have had it pointed out by numerous people that my father and I have the same irreverent sense of humor. You can see the same mischievous glint in both of our eyes when either one of us is up to something. I remember when I was a kid, I played some trick on my dad. That was when he taught me that revenge is a dish best served cold. He had me on egg shells for weeks. I kept looking around corners and jumping at shadows. Finally, he got me and boy was he right, revenge can be very cold. I was taking a nice hot shower when to my surprise I felt cold water all over me. In retrospect I shouldn’t have left the window open to the outside, especially when it was right next to the outdoor faucet hooked up to a garden hose.


Dad, Thanks for everything, even the cold shower! Love you and see you soon.


Happy Father’s Day!