Looking forward to seeing you guys come by and taste the new June 2017 wine club releases! Our first ever C.C. Blend + Grenache 2015 + Viognier 2016. Both reds have great fruity aromatics and flavors, with delicate mid-palates and are not-too-tannic on the finish, making them great reds to sip or drink with a meal during the heat of summer. Of course the Viognier is an amazing patio pour as well, with bright fruit notes and a very clean and refreshing mouthfeel.

We'll be pouring these wines exclusively for wine club members this weekend, and likely including them on the standard tasting flight later in the month... while supplies last! One wine from March's club, the Tempranillo 2013, sold out by mid-April, and we think this new C.C. Blend will go just as quickly. Each red in this June wine club was produced in a run of just 50 cases, and most of that was immediately allocated to our great wine club members.