The Walla Walla Petanque Club is hosting an open house for all who are interested in learning about the game. The club president and winemaker for Tertulia Cellars, Ryan Raber will be grilling a leg of lamb and there will be many side dishes with a French flair. Wine from Tertulia Cellars will be available for purchase. We will provide the petanque boules. If you have never played petanque before no worries. We will be happy to teach you the game. Much fun will be had!!!
Petanque is the French version of bocce ball with a few subtle differences. The balls are made of metal and a little heavier. Players stand in a hoop and toss their boules (French for balls) at a small wooden ball called a cochonnet. The team gets more of their boules closer to the cochonnet wins!
Walla Walla’s club has close to 50 members making it the second largest club in the Northwest next to Portland. Tertulia Cellars has ten terrains where the club plays weekly and hosts its various tournaments throughout the year.