What is that bright shinny orb in the sky? No I am not talking about a UFO I am talking about the Sun.  As spring turns to summer we will see the luminescent primary of the sol system more often. Just yesterday the temperatures soared to 90 degrees and I had to fish out my flip flops. 


With flip flops on my feet and a bag of charcoal briquettes under my arm I marched out to the BBQ last night.  As I lit the briquettes my mouth started watering, in anticipation for the ensuing feast.  To get away from the smoke I stepped back onto my lawn. I looked down at the deep green grass beneath my feet. Thinking to myself, this is all because of Sol.  If it wasn’t for our Sun we wouldn’t have green grass. If not for the green grass what would cows eat and if naught for cows what the heck would I throw on my grill? Speaking of cows, you know what goes really well with cow? Insert obvious product placement here, our 2011 Reserve Excelsior, which will be in the next Inner Circle wine club shipment! Just as the Sun feeds the land it also feeds the sea and so it feeds my appetite not for just turf but also surf. Did I forget to mention that our 2013 Viognier is also in the next club shipment?  Personally I would try pairing the wine with some mussels or clams sautéed in the very same vino, oh and don’t forget to toss in some garlic. I digress.


Ah, sweet sparkling Helios how I love you! You make all life endurable and enjoyable on this green Earth. Tonight when we all sit down for supper let’s make sure to raise a glass to our Sun and the many warm days of summer she is sending out our way.



Ryan Raber


Tertulia Cellars