Caipriniha, is the national drink of Brasil, and it is made with cachaca, a sugar cane rum.  This is a great cocktail for pool parties, hanging out or after work drink.  


First I want to talk about Cachaca,  there are many different makers of this fine liquor but every few who create a smooth product.  Our favorite brands are:


Pitu: Is the most recognized brand of cachaca, mostly by it's label that has a red lobster on it.  It is also a better quality & half the price than most cachaca. 


Leblon: Is an 8 time gold winner at the SF Competition, and it is also the most expensive cachaca that I found.  This brand promotes more fruit flavors. 


Novo Fogo:  Is my favorite, and it is distilled in stainless tanks for over a year.  This adds to it's spicy flavor profile and beautiful burnt sugar aromas.  I might be a little subjective since this is an organic producer and they are 100% sustainable.  This makes my little environmental heart flutter. Check out their website to learn more:


Strawberry Caipriniha:  


1 Whole Lime or 1/2 shot of lime juice 

4 Ripe Strawberries

2 heaping Turbino Sugar

11/2 shot of Cachaca 

A few twigs of Basil



Muddle together the lime, sugar and strawberries(add basil if you want more basil flavor in your drink) until they are blend or mashed nicely together.  Add the cachaca with ice and shake!  Pour in desired glass add twigs of basil for decoration.  

Volia! Now you have a beautiful drink to show off to your friends.