Happy belated New Years from Tertulia. I would normally have written much sooner but I have been on a diet. Side effects included homicidal behavior. I decided I would wait until my mood improved before putting my thoughts on paper.

This year has brought many changes to the winery.  First of all, our tasting room manager Michael Ervin is no longer with us. Michael has left to pursue other endeavors. We wish him great success and luck in all he does. We are happy to announce that Sophia Titterton is our new Walla Walla tasting room manger. She has experience working in tasting rooms as well as on the production side. She is also a Whitman grad and quite the artists. Please stop by, sip some wine and get to know her.  

Back by popular demand we will be dusting off our paella pan for a dinner on April 23rd. More details to follow.

I am also excited to announce we will be doing Farm to Fork dinners between the vines. Each month, May through October, we will celebrate local seasonal produce and suppliers paired with our wines.  I am very much looking forward to this. When I started down the path to becoming a winemaker, I imagined having picnics in the vineyard. It has dawned on me that I never in fact had a meal, besides grapes, in the vineyard, so this will be a new experience for me as well.  

In addition to the dinners, our vineyard manager Ryan Driver and I will be doing tours and tastings in the vineyards during the spring and summer. We want you guys to be just as excited about our unique terroir as we are.

During these cooler months we will be doing a little wine 101 and sensory evaluation of wines.  I know you are all experts but bring a friend and I promise you will learn something new each lesson.  Not only will we be doing a little education we plan on some vintage tastings as well. In other words, we will be pulling some golden oldies out of the library, perhaps a vertical or two.

I want to share with you what I am most excited about. As many of you already know we have been developing a new vineyard along the North Fork of the Walla Walla River called Elevation. This last vintage, we pulled our first fruit off the vines. I knew that it would be extraordinary given a little time. I wasn’t expecting that the wines amazing the wines are right off the bat. Not only is the third leaf fruit but the wines are very young in the barrel. We have been racking the wines this week and tasting them as we go. Well, I know I am supposed to spit but it’s impossible. Never before have we made wines like these. Never before have we had fruit like this. The yields are very low from Elevation, after all, the vines are planted in fractured basalt. There will not be many of these wines so they will be sold as futures. We are working out the details but the plan is to host a tasting of these limited wines at Elevation vineyard sometime this spring. More details to follow.


Ryan Raber


Tertulia Cellars