Hello Hedonists and Gluttons,

Unkind words from some but I hold a special place in my heart for kindred spirits who simply can’t get enough of a good thing.  I want to tell you about last week.

Last week, I was over yonder in Dundee and oh we had so much FUN!!! We opened a vertical of our Tempranillo library wines: the velvety 2006, the smooth 2007 and the earthy 2008. There was even a special guest appearance by a barrel sample of the  2013 Tempranillo, which is being made in the fashion of the Grand Reserva Tempranillos of Spain. If you missed out on tasting these wines last week, stop punishing yourselves. No really, please stop punishing yourselves, that will leave a mark. We have decided to do it all over again in Walla Walla this Saturday! That’s right we will even have a few tasty bites to accompany these wines.

Unfortunately we are all sold out of these wines in Dundee. Not to worry, we have a few cases left in Walla Walla but this is your last chance to purchase them before these library wines go back into the Tertulia vault for an indefinite amount of time.

Oh, before I forget we have released our 2013 Petit Verdot and Estate Syrah to the wine club this past week. If you fell in love with these wines from past vintages let us know if you would like some. Just call or email us, even sending a desperate correspondence via carrier pigeon is totally acceptable.

Ryan Raber